NJZ is building
custom homes with YOU
in mind

Welcome to NJZ Developers, LLC

We are passionate about working with our customers to design and build homes that reflect your lifestyle. Creating this space is a very personal endeavor; therefore we know it is imperative for us to get it right!

Our reputation is important to us, that is why we only work with the most experienced and recognized contractors, vendors and suppliers in the industry. Their success has a direct impact on our success. In fact, we built the first ‘LEED for Homes’ platinum certified house in Massachusetts.

We pride ourselves in stretching the boundaries of what is possible. We believe that creativity and innovation can co-exist when we are designing and developing your home. This can only happen if we stand committed to quality craftsmanship with every home we create.

We have a proven track record of successfully building custom homes. Our vast experience has us also working on land development projects and green-friendly homes. Years of experience is what brings our customer to us, quality and service is what makes them lifetime customers.