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Portfolio of Recent Custom Homes


Alcorn Crossing
Westford, MA



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“Thank you for building us a spectacular new home on Alcorn Crossing. We have been very pleased with our new home. The design, layout and quality are excellent and everyone who has visited has been very impressed and complimentary. It really is a beautiful home…we couldn't be happier. We're very thankful that we selected you to build our dream home for us!”


Bel Air Road
Hingham, MA



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“We are thrilled with our new home and couldn’t be more thankful for your guidance and support in bringing it to life! We appreciate how you worked with us as a team. You were always willing and able to bring alternative solutions to the table, when changes or modifications needed to be addressed. You were there every step of the way. Now we are able to sit back, relax and enjoy the beauty of our home”


Pleasant Street
Hingham Centre, MA




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“I’m impressed with the renovations of the home on Pleasant Street. As a neighbor, I was thrilled to see the transformation of this old barn-style gambrel turned into a fresh new colonial home. I appreciated the effort that was made in keeping the work site neat and orderly during the construction process. The renovations were done at an expedient pace and with an aesthetic flair that helped bring back the old charm of this historical neighborhood.”


Crow Point
Hingham, MA




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“What a gift to buy a spec home that felt customized for our family. We could not have asked for more if we had designed it ourselves. One of the reasons we purchased the home was because of your honorable reputation as a builder. We have been fortunate enough not to have to reach out to you for support, but we know you would always be available to us. Thanks for creating a top-notch home! ”